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Message  Kretinou le Mer 19 Déc - 18:56

Hi all,

I write to announce the creation of a new web video streaming plateform dedicated to arcade video games :

This platform will allow you to view many superplay of our favorite games: shmup'em'up, versus fight, beat'em'all, puzzle game, etc..

But she'll also allow you to upload your personal game videos. The platform handle two kind of files :
- video files (major codecs are detected)
- if you're a ton cul player and if you use the record/playback feature, you can upload your .inp files. JammaPlay will encode your video for you (no lost minutes to encode your videos yourself : no reason to not share your replays ).

I pass over the basic functionality of adding favorites, like / dislike, share (facebook, twitter, google+, email), embed player, playlists, etc..

The others main advantages of jammaplay are :
- "tate" display
- a big database of games (full ton cul romset) to tag your videos (and for the "inp to mp4" feature)
- a powerful search engine (you can search videos by year of the game, by kind, by system, by the developers, etc...)

If some people find that the project is good and they want to help me, know that I am looking for:
- people who can test the site (and make some bugs report)
- a english translator (my english is so bad, sorry :/)
- a German translator
- a Spanish translator
- an Italian translator
- a Japanese translator

Thank you for your feedback

PS : when the site has been online, many known superplay videos were also posted online. I think some of the players of these superplay are on this forum. Currently, on the site, these videos are attached to the default user "jammaplay", but the description is signed by the player's name. If these players recognize their videos, contact me and i'll attach these video to their jammaplay account.

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